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Construction Chemicals

Silicone Coating

Our premium silicone coating a seamless shield that embraces and safeguards surfaces with unmatched durability.

Injection Materials

Discover the pinnacle of structural integrity with our advanced crack injection materials, engineered to perfection

Sports Flooring

Tailored for diverse sports, these materials excel in shock absorption, traction, durability, and varied sports environments.

Epoxy Flooring

Unleash the power of elegance and durability with our premium epoxy coating. Elevate surfaces to new heights

Silicone Sealants

Seal with confidence using our superior silicone sealants. Crafted for precision, they create lasting bonds and reliable protection.

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Royal Way Industries is a renowned manufacturer, designer, and supplier of superior construction chemicals, with a prime focus on exceptional waterproofing materials. Our extensive product range guarantees unmatched quality and excellence, meticulously crafted and engineered by our team of technical specialists, who possess profound expertise in the construction industry.

Operating primarily in the UAE, particularly in Sharjah, we stand out among the leading waterproofing companies in UAE. With an unwavering commitment to delivering reliable waterproofing solutions, we have established our head office in Sharjah, strategically positioning ourselves as a trusted authority in the field. Experience the Royal Way difference in waterproofing, right here in the UAE.

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